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Alfa Romeo - ROMEO-2

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Malgré la barrière de la langue, le club danois  a pondu un article très intéressant sur les Romeo 's

Prenez le temps de lire toutes les inepties contenues dans cette fiche...
Depuis me temps que je dis qu'on trouve de tout, du bien et du grand n'importe quoi sur wiki, ça se confirme...
J'ignore qui a pondu cette fiche mais c'est d'une absurdité totale... et un crétin l'a recopiée et imprimée !

Alfa Romeo Romeo

Manufacturer Alfa Romeo
Also called Alfa Romeo T10
Alfa Romeo Autotutto
Production 1954-1956

1,290 cm3 essence I4
1,158 cm3 - I2 supercharged diesel

The first Alfa Romeo T10 "Autotutto" ("all purpose") was presented in 1954 Turin Motor Show as panel and minibus version. Later more versions came available as Alfa Romeo made themselves with very many body versions: van, high roof van, "Promiscuo" (van with additional side windows and rear seating), minibus, school bus, ambulance, pick-up, drop-side truck and double cab truck. In addition to this many coachbuilding companies made their own versions. The van used the 1,290 cc Alfa Romeo Twin Cam straight-four engine detuned to 35 bhp (26 kW) and it had top speed of 60 mph (97 km/h).This engine was later used on Giulietta Berlina. The optional two-cylinder supercharged diesel engine had 30 bhp (22 kW).

Alfa Romeo Romeo 2
Romeo 2 lorry

Production 1954-1967

Engine 1,290 cm3 essence
cm3 2-cyl supercharged diesel
Transmission 4-speed manual ZF transmission

The updated Romeo 2 version was introduced in 1954, it was assembled in Italy and also built under license in Spain by FADISA (Fabricacion de Automoviles Diesel S.A.), this Spanish version had a 1.6 liter Perkins 4/99 diesel engine and a gearbox with synchro on all forward gears.

Alfa Romeo Romeo 3

Also called Alfa Romeo Romeo
Production 1966
Transmission 4-speed manual ZF transmission
Predecessor Romeo 2
Successor A12/F12

The final version Romeo 3 was introduced in 1966. The Romeo 3 had some improvements like hydraulic clutch and adjustable driver's seat. The Romeo 3 had a production run of only some 6 months or so before being replaced by the Giulia 1300 engined F12 and A12 models. In all, some 23,000 Romeos had been produced between 1954 and 1966

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